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Every day I look for new sensations...
Sensation...the action of the senses, in other words letting loose the interior world that makes unique each of us.
My interior world is always looking for beauty, even where there is none!
I go through deserts as though they were oases, I sit at an empty table as though it was a banquet, I observe grey as being a rainbow of colours, which catches my eye and animates my soul, thirsty for emotions.

My photography project is not intended to desecrate traditional photography, but simply to express my desire to explore new horizons, to go beyond the visible, to evoke images of a positive reality, although unreal, which differs from reality, almost always showed in black and white shots, to highlight the misery of mankind.

I have opened a door onto a new world by playing with colours, it's a world made of creativity and imagination, an exciting world which has enabled me to discover the beauty of painting through photography...

In my shots it is colour that gives the subject a form, it is colour that let you perceive the form of subject, and it is light that, through its different strokes, draws a face, a shoe, a landscape, much like the paintings by the Impressionists.

Colours become "my colours".

What is art if not the flow of emotions through the senses? Every form of art, like music or photography, notes on a staff or strokes of colour, they just collect our most intimate feelings...

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