About me

There is no limit to my horizons! There is always another "beyond" to discover...

Biographical notes

I was born in Salerno 50 years ago, I am married and I have two daughters. I live near Rome and worked for a major firm for 31 years, but my life then took another path and I decided to let loose my artistic vein, which is genetic in my family...

I grew up in a family of musicians and play the piano and guitar and have directed a choir since 1982.

Every emotion becomes music in me: a sunset, a poem, a caress, the perfume of a flower, a good taste... are all things that bring my senses to turn on.

This is why my logo is similar to a hand with five fingers, representing the five senses. It also represents a flower, as a source of emotion, or the sun, as a source of life and heat. There is a sort of spiral in the palm of the hand, which to me represents a "violin key" - in homage to the music which has always been part of my life - and a question mark, a symbol of doubt and of soul searching, that allows me to improve myself every day.

And through the music I came to discover my true artistic vein, that I express actually through what I like to describe as "Photo-painting". I do not consider myself as a real photographer, but rather a "photo-painter" who, instead of brushes, uses tools to turn her own shots in paintings.

My artistic vein is fantasy and the ability to see things beyond reality...

Welcome to my "fantastic" world of colours...

My philosophy

The only certainty is the present, the past is part of me, the future does not belong to me.

I love life because of its everyday challenges, which help me to discover my real worth.

The most important lesson? Always put in play and give your best.

My strong point? I live with my feet firmly grounded, my head in the clouds and my heart into every emotion. Magic and passion... my daily bread!

My aims? There is no limit to my horizons! There is always another "beyond" to discover!